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All off? Design? [Sugaring]

Would you like to remove everything? Which is the first thing you hear about hair removal?
Do you want to have design and leave some hair?
We will explain the difference here

All off means eliminating all Bikini hair.

Since all the mucous membranes are also removed, all the hair is gone and it feels as smooth as when you were a child!
If sugaring hair removal is continued regularly, the hair roots will weaken and the hair quality and amount will change.
Recommended for those who want to change the overall hair quality!

Design is to leave the V-line hair in any shape you like.

Remove all IO lines in any shape you like for V-line hair.
There are many inverted triangles, round shapes, and rectangles or about the width of two fingers.
Many people choose a design if they are new to hair removal and are reluctant to remove everything, or if they often go to hot springs or public baths!

The good thing about sugaring hair removal is that you can decide freely according to your mood and season.

But honestly, once you remove it all, hairlessness will be comfortable.
By all means, please start hair removal with Maris Gina if you like!