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Taking care of your skin with AP Travel Kit [Sugaring]

You can use the AP Travel Kit to get smooth skin!
After all, you can expect better effects if you use the same AP product.

As a procedure,
1. Scrub 2-3 times a week
2. Moisturize with Phenomen-all the day before treatment in preparation for Sugaring
3. It is recommended to do Mud Pack after Sugaring
4. Moisturize with Phenomen-all cream again for finish

After removing dirt from the pores with sugaring, collagen and minerals will penetrate into the pores ♪

You can use it on your face ○
Anywhere in the body ○
Men can also use it too ○

The products included here are all mini size!
Larger sizes are also available separately, so feel free to ask if you like it

Important care and precautions for [Sugaring]

Sugaring hair removal is a method of removing hair by allowing a soft paste to penetrate into the pores and wrap the hair roots!
It is important to take care of your skin and pores in advance to keep your skin and pores clean ♪

1. Scrub care

Scrub (delicate zone scrub) cleans pores and dead skin cells.
Scrub care 2-3 times a week will soften the skin and change the feeling of hair loss, and reduce the burden and pain on the skin.

2. Moisturizing care

Like face care, Bikini is a place where moisturizing is very necessary!
If it is not moisturized, it will dry out and cause dullness and pigmentation due to skin friction on clothes and shorts, and it will put a strain on the skin after the hair has fallen off!
Oils and creams contain oils and can cause pores to become clogged, so use during the hair removal period is not good.

☆ What should I do first before hair removal?

Please refrain from self-treatment shaving (razor), tweezers, hair removal cream (^^)

If you self-treat, thick and hard hair will grow, and the sugaring paste will not wrap the hair well or the hair will not come off easily. Above all, it puts a heavy burden on the skin and causes tingling pain

All off? Design? [Sugaring]

Would you like to remove everything? Which is the first thing you hear about hair removal?
Do you want to have design and leave some hair?
We will explain the difference here

All off means eliminating all Bikini hair.

Since all the mucous membranes are also removed, all the hair is gone and it feels as smooth as when you were a child!
If sugaring hair removal is continued regularly, the hair roots will weaken and the hair quality and amount will change.
Recommended for those who want to change the overall hair quality!

Design is to leave the V-line hair in any shape you like.

Remove all IO lines in any shape you like for V-line hair.
There are many inverted triangles, round shapes, and rectangles or about the width of two fingers.
Many people choose a design if they are new to hair removal and are reluctant to remove everything, or if they often go to hot springs or public baths!

The good thing about sugaring hair removal is that you can decide freely according to your mood and season.

But honestly, once you remove it all, hairlessness will be comfortable.
By all means, please start hair removal with Maris Gina if you like!

Why oil-free recommended? [Sugaring]

We recommend oil-free care for aftercare after sugaring hair removal!

After hair removal, the pores will be open.
We ask for moisturizing care and scrub care at home after 3 days, but if you continue to use oil-containing products, your pores may become clogged.

If the pores are clogged with oil, the sugar paste will repel, so it will not be able to penetrate into the pores and the effect of hair removal will be halved.

○ What kind of thing should I use?

Most of the products used on the face are not easily clogged, so we recommend water-soluble products such as makeup and milky lotion.
Of course, the number one recommendation is AP's essential tonics and restore lotion!
All AP products are organic and gentle on the skin, so you can use them on your face and delicate zones with confidence.

It suppresses bacteria, protects the skin from inflammation and bacteria, and soothes redness after treatment.

We also have a set of 3 recommended for first-time care (toner, milky lotion, wipe), so if you are wondering what to use, please try it ♪

[Sugaring] has nothing to do with skin color!

Thinking you have dark skin, and you can't help but to get worried about whether to get hair removal?

When it comes to hair removal, the major thing is light irradiation! I think there are many people who think that.

Photo epilation is a mechanism that irradiates a laser that reacts with the melanin pigment of the hair and damages the hair growth tissue by the heat stored in the hair.

In fact, sunburn is caused by melanin pigments, so irradiating sunburned skin with a laser may cause burns.

Some lasers can irradiate sunburned skin, but basically, they cannot irradiate sunburned areas.

With sugaring, the color of the skin doesn't matter at all, so anyone in any country who cares about getting hair removal in Japan can be smooth.

The tanning season is over, but there are days when you can play sports even in winter!

Your skin will be damaged immediately after sunburn, so please come and have a sugar before such an event!

Now that you can't show your skin [Sugaring]

It's the season when you can't show it.

Why don't you remove your hair now for next summer while taking care of your skin with sugaring.
Because it is the season when you do not show it.

If you are doing the delicate zone with sugaring, but self-processing the other parts, it's will be a waste!

Why don't you come to Maris Gina to remove the old keratin of your skin and moisturize it.
Why not come to Maris Gina to remove the legs, arms, and armpit hairs that have become stubborn due to summer self-treatment?

There is also a great set of coupons
The season to show your skin is coming in no time!!

The effect of sugar is also a moisturizing care for the skin and pore care [Sugaring]
Next year, let's confidently attract moisturized skin ☆

[Sugaring] on the face has many merits!

What are you guys doing with unwanted hair on your face?
Nowadays, we wear mask, so some people don't care too much!

Unwanted hair on the face not only affects the makeup, but it also affects the penetration of the lotion!

By removing the unwanted hair that hinders you, the penetration of the lotion will be much better ☆

Roughening of the mask may be due to friction or drying

Rubbing by waste hair for a long period of time causes darkening, which also leads to pigmentation.

And that's not the only thing for facial hair removal!

○ Brightening effect
Removes dead skin cells, hair growth, and dirt from pores, reduces dullness and brightens the skin.

○ Lift UP effect
The muscles in the immediate vicinity of the pores are pulled up when tens of thousands of hairs are pulled out, so you can expect a lift-up effect on your face!
By repeating, the muscles will remember it, and it will be firm and the effect will last!

○ Turnover promotion effect
By removing dead skin cells, the disturbed turnover is brought closer to normal.
By combining the moisturizing and lift-up effects, you can expect a more rejuvenating effect!

When the unwanted hair on the face disappears, the hair on the nose is also a concern,

Wax can clean your nose hair!
(Take about 1 cm in front ♪)

Many people say that it doesn't hurt unexpectedly

Let's clean the area around the face with [sugaring] on the face and wax hair removal on the nose!

About pain during hair removal [Sugaring]

For customers who have tried Bikini for the first time, there may be some people who can't make a reservation because they think ""It was painful"", ""Everyone can put up with it well"", ""I want to be refreshed, but can I put up with the pain?""

This time, I would like to introduce the voices of repeat customers, hoping that it will be helpful for such customers.

○ It was the second time, but it didn't hurt at all compared to the first time. Thank you for cleaning it.

○ This was the second treatment, but it was still a reassuring response. I will come again.

○ This is the third time, but the hair that grows is quite thin and there is almost no pain. Smooth and comfortable! See you next time!

○ After going through several times, the pain disappeared so much.

○ It was the third time, but it ended in a blink of an eye with almost no pain. The hair quality has changed little by little and I'm looking forward to the future.

○ It was the second time. Compared to the last time, there was almost no pain and it became smooth. I would like to continue.

How it happened?
The second time should be less painful than the first time ♪

And the important points are visiting the store in 3 to 4 weeks and home care by scrubbing!

If the sugaring has long hair, it will be pulled and you will feel pain easily.

Also, without scrub care, your skin will become stiff and your pores will become clogged, making it difficult for your hair to come off, which will significantly change your sense of pain.

If you are worried about pain, please make an early reservation and scrub and do home care ☆

Importance of Moisturizing the Delicate Zone [Sugaring]

In sugaring hair removal, we convey the importance of moisturizing care to prevent the skin in the delicate zone from drying out!

↓ Why is it not good when delicate zone is dry?
○ It becomes easier to feel pain
○ Friction of clothing and underwear can cause darkening and pigmentation
○ Itching at the beginning of hair growth
○ Hindering hair loss
○ It will caused ingrown hair

Moisturizing care in the delicate zone is very important for sugaring hair removal.

Especially during this winter, if moisturizing care is neglected, the pigmentation, which is the number one problem in the delicate zone, becomes thicker due to daily accumulation, drying and rubbing.

Even if you can reduce hair beautifully by sugaring hair removal, it will be ruined if there are ingrown hair or darkening

Let's create smooth skin without dryness with the oil-free AP care products offered by Maris Gina!

Aftercare after treatment ☆ [Sugaring]

We will explain aftercare once again.

Please do not take a bath on the day after the treatment, just shower.

And basically, please moisturize every day.

Please scrub 4 days after the procedure. Please be sure to moisturize when scrubbing.

Please do not scrub and moisturize 3 days before the day when the next treatment is decided.

By moisturizing and scrubbing from the day of treatment to before the next treatment, pain will be reduced and short hair will be easier to come off ♪

Let's aim for smooth skin without ingrown hair.

Don't know what to use for care products?
Please feel free to contact the staff ☆