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What is the difference between [Sugaring] and Wax? Part 1

Those who want to lose their hair quickly by self-treatment or WAX hair removal!

[I want to lose hair only on the spot]
I understand that feeling.

Let's aim for beautiful skin as well as hair removal!
With sugaring, old keratin can be removed and the skin after treatment will be very soft and moisturized.

If you repeat razor and wax, your skin will become damage.

Ingrown hair and darkening, especially shaving, causes great skin damage!

If you do sugaring, please don't do anything until next time!
Please do not self-process.

Be sure to scrub and moisturize your skin as a step toward getting beautiful skin.
The finish is completely different depending on whether you are taking care of it or not!

Would you like to aim for smooth skin together?
Continue to Difference 2 between [Sugar Ring] and Wax!

Exfoliate and it is ok not to wear a foundation★ [Sugaring]

The sugar scrub is literally a scrub made of sugar, so the particles are very fine and it has a moisturizing effect, so it is perfect for scrubbing your face ♪

The face is also quite delicate as Bikini which is called the delicate zone.
Therefore, by giving care such as scrubbing and moisturizing to your face, you can get closer to beautiful and healthy skin!

The sugar scrub is so sweet that you don't feel uncomfortable when scrubbing your lips, and you can make your lips plump ☆

The way to scrub is like putting out a sugar scrub about 3 cm on a slightly moistened skin and gently massaging the entire face!

It is even better to wrap around your lips, nose tip, décolletage, etc. (o ^^ o)

Moisturizing after sugar scrubs will significantly change the way your makeup penetrates!
It absorbs well into your skin, so your skin is moisturized ♪

Keeping your skin healthy is not a dream of no foundation!

Let's aim for moist, healthy and beautiful skin together ~ (^^)

What effect does sugar have? [Sugaring]

Introducing the charm of sugaring paste and sugar contained in sugar scrub again!

Part 1
The appeal of sugar is that it is a safe material that you can eat.
Has an exfoliating effect! The particles are rounder than salt and melt at body temperature, so they are gentle on the skin and exfoliate.

Part 2
Excellent moisturizing effect!
Sugar has a strong ability to bind to water and is said to have high moisturizing power.
Therefore, it is surely easy to penetrate and has sustainability.

Part 3
Effect of promoting collagen production
Sugar stimulates fibroblasts and promotes the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen.
You can feel the smoothness.

Sugar has so many positive effects on your skin!
If you have never experienced sugaring hair removal, please experience it!
You can have beautiful skin ☆

About correct scrub care [Sugaring]

Customers who have visited Maris Gina several times may already understand the importance of aftercare

Are you exfoliating?

It's good to use in the bath, but if your body is wet, the salt will melt and the scrub will be meaningless.

Scrub care after wiping some water off!
Please take care ♪
We will introduce the correct scrub care method again!

↓ Correct scrub care method ↓

Before use, wipe off the water, shake the scrub well, and then take it on your dry hands, and massage it around.

If it doesn't sting, wrap it and pack it for about 5 minutes to make it easier for the dead skin to float!

Also, since sugar and salt are sensitive to water, [if you add water, it will dissolve immediately].
Please be careful!

Teen Hair Removal at Maris Gina [Sugaring]

When you were a junior and senior high school student, were you worried about the hair on the legs when you do physical education and swimming? When you wear short sleeves, were you worried about the hair on the arms and armpits? The beard became thicker for boys. The number of children who think of body hair as a complex thing is increasing.

Don't you know how to handle it? It seems that there are many cases where shaving is a little scary, and there are many cases where you get worried about your skin being hurt by unfamiliar shaving.

You ca come to the Maris Gina store from 13 years old!

Maris Gina's Sugaring Hair Removal is also recommended for people with sensitive skin, pregnant women and teenagers!

Because all the products we use are organic and met strict standards.

The sugar paste used is made from sugar, water, and lemon.
You can remove hair without damaging your skin, so you can rest assured.

Also called Alexandria Professionals, a professional sugarist who has passed the certification test of the world's sugaring brand with a track record of 27 years will perform the treatment, so please be assured about the technical aspect ♪

It is highly recommended for those who are worried about their beard and their friends' children.

If you have any questions or concerns
Please feel free to contact the staff.

In addition, parents' consent is required, so please consult with your parents and come to the store.

Recommended for dry skin in winter! [Sugaring]

The number of cold days are increasing ...
Are you all feeling sick?

When suddenly took off the stockings at this time, you'll be worried about dry skin!

The bristles are tingling when you look closely after a long time because you don't have much chance to be barefoot!

It's a shock

[Sugar ring hair removal] can solve both the dry skin and unwanted hair ☆

The material for sugaring hair removal is organic, which is kind to the skin, but ""sugar"" is used for the sugar paste.

~ The nice effect of sugar ~

1. Moisturizing skin care
2. Moisturizing power
3. Do not spread bacteria
4. Good for firmness and luster of the skin

Hair removal + moisturizing skin!
Perfect for winter dead skin!

Get moisturized and moisturized skin with sugar ring hair removal even in the dry season ♪

Excellent moisturizing power! Sweet cheeks [Sugaring]

It's getting colder, isn't it?
And it's the season when you're worried about dryness!

When the skin dries, old keratin accumulates on the surface of the skin, which thickens the skin and closes the pores, which can lead to ingrown hair.

So! Moisturize to prevent dryness, and scrub to remove dead skin cells and dirt from pores ♪

Our salon handles 3 types of scrubs.

The most recommended is Sweet cheeks!
It can be used not only on the body but also on the face as it is a sugar scrub

Sugar has high moisturizing power and finer particles than salt, so it is recommended for people with sensitive skin!

When you put it on your skin, it feels rough at first, but if you gently apply it by hand, it will be very smooth after washing, so please use it on your face ☆ It can be used on the whole body including Bikini.

The package is also pink and it is cute!
If you are interested, feel free to contact the staff ☆

Did you do Hair Removal on your Buttocks? [Sugaring]

In Maris Gina, Bikini is the menu that customers asked for the most.

You may not be able to see the unwanted hair on your buttocks, so many people may not care about it, but it may grow unexpectedly!

Unlike Bikini, the buttocks is hairy, so is it okay?
It's a shame to think!
Since the hair growth is fine and dense, removing the hair will lead to brighten of the entire skin, and the skin will be transparent and beautiful ☆

Sugaring hair removal not only removes hair, but also removes dead skin cells and has a moisturizing effect with sugar, making it moist and smooth.

If you have a clean O line, why don't you make your buttocks smooth with sugaring?

For those who have rough skin due to friction of skin or stuffiness of shorts, we recommend that you select an additional mud pack menu and detox your skin ☆

Hair removal on the Armpits! [Sugaring]

We recommend the Armpits sugaring + mud pack coupon set!

Armpit hair grows even if you shave or pull it out.
Besides, there are many people who are worried about the darkening of the pores and the darkening of the skin.

Unlike Wax, sugaring hair removal is different from Wax in that the hair is turned upside down and the sugar paste penetrates into the pores, so it also cleans the pores ☆

Sugar paste is made from organic ingredients such as sugar, water and lemon juice.
It is a gentle hair removal method that even people with weak skin and atopic skin can receive the treatment without worries!

We would like to recommend the armpits mud pack after sugaring!

Maris Gina's mud pack is from Hungary and is rich in minerals and collagen.

I would like you to use it for those who want to brighten up their skin, from buried hair, acne, inflammation after hair removal ☆

It absorbs dirt from the pores and has a bactericidal effect, so it is also effective against acne bacteria lurking in the pores!

It also helps to brighten your skin! Of course, it can be used on the face and whole body ♪

It's especially dry season now, so it's highly recommended to moisturize with a mud pack after hair removal!

Let's aim for flawless and smooth skin with sugaring hair removal and mud pack for the summer and make the skin beautiful without unwanted hair.

The forgotten Lower belly line hair [Sugaring]

The hair under the navel that is usually hidden in clothes and is usually not bothering, not unless when it comes to swimwear, underwear, and bold fashion where you can see your stomach.

Since it is a part that is not visible to the public, many people may be wondering whether it should be removed.

Not only under the navel, but also the thickness of unwanted hair on the arms and legs varies from person to person.

Many people may be worried that ""I may have thicker hair than other people.""

Factors that cause unwanted hair to thicken include stress, disordered eating habits, and major changes in hormonal balance due to pregnancy.
For those who have an imbalance in hormones due to stress or disordered eating habits, it is important to relieve stress by exercising and to live a regular life every day!

In addition, it is said that the thickening of unwanted hair during pregnancy is due to the increase in female hormones.
After giving birth, the amount of hormones will gradually return to the state before giving birth, so it is better to watch the situation.

Unlike the arms and back, the stomach is soft and delicate.
We recommend that you take care of it as carefully as you do with pubic hair!

With proper care, your skin and appearance will be beautiful, and you can enjoy highly exposed fashion.

Recommended hair removal as well as [Sugaring]
There is a set coupon that can be used not only for VIO hair removal but also for hair removal under the navel ☆

Please make a reservation with a coupon!