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Top 5 Best Illuminations in Tokyo

Its the season of beautiful illumination lighting up the city! Christmas decoration will be all around, very soon!
Here are the Top 5 Best Illumination areas to go in Tokyo! Trust us, it's beautiful!

1.) Ebisu Garden Place
16th Anniversary this year, the lights are like a chandelier outside, with a christmas tree, very beautiful.
2.) Roppongi Hills
LED light lit into the theme of "Snow and Blue" for cold colours, and "Candle and Red" for warm colours. Two types of colours to enjoy.
3.) Winter Vista Illumination 
An active illumination, located in  Kokuen Shouwa Kinen Kouen. A labrynth made of illumination light, mini trains, and switches for the light to have your own experience with the lights!
4.) Tokyo Midtown
Like the galaxy, suddenly is in Roppongi. Light covers over 2000square metres of land.
5.) Caretta Shiodome
Over 250,000 lights used to create a fantasy like world. Beautiful for date, and taking pictures.

There's the top 5 best illuminations in Tokyo we MUST check out!
But becareful...
you will be cold right after a wax, make sure to bring a bit jacket! :)