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Importance of Moisturizing the Delicate Zone [Sugaring]

In sugaring hair removal, we convey the importance of moisturizing care to prevent the skin in the delicate zone from drying out!

↓ Why is it not good when delicate zone is dry?
○ It becomes easier to feel pain
○ Friction of clothing and underwear can cause darkening and pigmentation
○ Itching at the beginning of hair growth
○ Hindering hair loss
○ It will caused ingrown hair

Moisturizing care in the delicate zone is very important for sugaring hair removal.

Especially during this winter, if moisturizing care is neglected, the pigmentation, which is the number one problem in the delicate zone, becomes thicker due to daily accumulation, drying and rubbing.

Even if you can reduce hair beautifully by sugaring hair removal, it will be ruined if there are ingrown hair or darkening

Let's create smooth skin without dryness with the oil-free AP care products offered by Maris Gina!