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Important care and precautions for [Sugaring]

Sugaring hair removal is a method of removing hair by allowing a soft paste to penetrate into the pores and wrap the hair roots!
It is important to take care of your skin and pores in advance to keep your skin and pores clean ♪

1. Scrub care

Scrub (delicate zone scrub) cleans pores and dead skin cells.
Scrub care 2-3 times a week will soften the skin and change the feeling of hair loss, and reduce the burden and pain on the skin.

2. Moisturizing care

Like face care, Bikini is a place where moisturizing is very necessary!
If it is not moisturized, it will dry out and cause dullness and pigmentation due to skin friction on clothes and shorts, and it will put a strain on the skin after the hair has fallen off!
Oils and creams contain oils and can cause pores to become clogged, so use during the hair removal period is not good.

☆ What should I do first before hair removal?

Please refrain from self-treatment shaving (razor), tweezers, hair removal cream (^^)

If you self-treat, thick and hard hair will grow, and the sugaring paste will not wrap the hair well or the hair will not come off easily. Above all, it puts a heavy burden on the skin and causes tingling pain