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Places you cannot see [Sugaring]

It's getting cold, so everyone is hiding
How are you doing with hair loss?

You may be able to improve the areas that you do not show by removing hair according to your concerns. Make a reservation first!
Let's solve your problems together with the care that suits you!

● Nape ●

○ By treating the hair, you can produce a thin and supple woman's collar.
○ In Western clothing, you can give a feminine impression by shaving with the back hair left behind.
○ In kimono, the collar that can be seen from the kimono is stylish by forming the three collars properly.

● Back ●

○ Actually, sugaring and hair removal are very good for acne care. Since sebum lines are dense on the back, oil clogging easily occurs when keratin accumulates. Therefore, if you take care of dead skin cells with sugaring, it will not cause clogging and you can keep your skin color beautiful.
(When the bronchial tubes are weak, the hair around the shoulder blades may thicken.)

● Bikini ●

○ It exists so that transient bacteria do not invade in the defense reaction, but if it is not treated to some extent, the bacteria will propagate and cause ""odor"".
Hair removal or sugaring is recommended over shaving.
However, Brazilian WAX is prone to ingrown hair, so aftercare is essential.

Is there anything you care about?
Sugaring can be performed on the whole body, so if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to your visit.