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SHR is quick and painless!

SHR is quick and painless!

SHR hair removal has many innovative benefits!
Let's point out the benefits of SHR.
Most of all, SHR hair removal is quick, and painless!
The irradiation temperature is lower than most current laser hair removal treatments out now. In one second, 6 shots of lights are able to hit the skin. That is a 1000 hair strands in 10 seconds! The treatment time for hair removal is significantly shortened.
Additionally, SHR can be done regardless of what stage of hair cycle you are in. So it is easier to make appointments, once a month. So not only is one treatment session quicker, but the duration of the complete hair removal process is quickened. It's great for busy people!
Come to our Maris Gina Roppongi salon for the SHR hair removal treatment!
We also take on the day reservations, so call us whenever you have spare time♪