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Taking care of your skin with AP Travel Kit [Sugaring]

You can use the AP Travel Kit to get smooth skin!
After all, you can expect better effects if you use the same AP product.

As a procedure,
1. Scrub 2-3 times a week
2. Moisturize with Phenomen-all the day before treatment in preparation for Sugaring
3. It is recommended to do Mud Pack after Sugaring
4. Moisturize with Phenomen-all cream again for finish

After removing dirt from the pores with sugaring, collagen and minerals will penetrate into the pores ♪

You can use it on your face ○
Anywhere in the body ○
Men can also use it too ○

The products included here are all mini size!
Larger sizes are also available separately, so feel free to ask if you like it