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What is Full Bikini's most popular design? [Sugaring]

What kind of design is popular with customers who want to leave some hair or get a design for Bikini Sugaring? It is often asked, but there is no fixed form in Maris Gina.

Everyone can have the shape they like.
Most of them have an inverted triangle shape.

For those who want to leave it in a natural way, it will be more natural to leave a little crack from the V to I line ☆

If you remove the corners of the inverted triangle and leave a roundness, you will get a slightly different image.

You can change the design little by little to change your mood ♪

You can also freely decide the size of the design. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests such as larger or smaller designs.

Even those who are designing can gradually make it smaller and (Or maybe next time, remove everything).

We will perform the treatment according to your wishes, so please feel free to contact the staff ★

We look forward to your visit.